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96. Listener Questions 14: Alternatives to contexts, analogue systems and projects lists without AOF

It’s time for another listener questions episode!
In this episode, Morten and Lars go through questions from Alex, Jukka and Ivan covering topics such as:
– Alternatives to using the classic contexts in GTD
– Their experience with completely analogue GTD systems
– How a simplified projects structure might look like
..and much more! As always, we hope that this episode helps you in your GTD practice and thanks so much to Alex, Jukka and Ivan for their questions. If you have a question, be sure to let us know at!

91. Interview With Martin Haagen

Morten has interviewed Martin Haagen. Martin is GTD trainer and coach in Sweden and a father, husbond and an explorer of the Wilds.

And he has worked for years as a Saleforce consultant. He talks about his journey with GTD and the benefits he feels GTD gives him. We talk about GTD and Saleforce and his idea for an integration of GTD in Salesforce.

89. Reference Systems In Getting Things Done

How do you use reference systems in GTD?
Listen to this episode to learn more about referencing anything with GTD, including:
– What are the items that should be referenced
– The different systems that you might need for digital and physical reference
– Morten and Lars’ slightly (?) different approaches to digital reference
..and much more! Thanks to Hauke from Germany for reminding us to do an episode solely about this topic.

88. GTD & AI

How will AI impact your Getting Things Done® (GTD) practice?
Listen to this episode to learn more about what Morten, Lars and our special guest Paul Vahur from Vital Learning in Estonia think about GTD and AI, including:
– How do they currently see AI perhaps helping in your GTD practice
– Where AI still doesn’t help
– What they hope to see in future AI when it comes to GTD
..and much more!

87. Apple Reminders As Your GTD System

What does Apple Reminders look like as a GTD system?
And how does it feel for someone moving from either Omnifocus or Todoist? Listen to this episode to learn more about how Morten and Lars have migrated/are migrating from those platforms into Reminders, including:
– What lists they each use in Reminders
– What their pro’s and con’s are for switching
– How #hashtags can be used in a Weekly Review
..and much more!

86. Designing The Ideal GTD Workplace

How do you design the ideal GTD workspace?
Listen to this episode to learn more about how Morten and Lars would approach designing such a workspace, including:
– Ingredients in a GTD workspace when you work in an office with free seating
– The components of Morten and Lars’ own desks
– Archiving when multiple people use the archive
..and much more!

85. How Good A GTDer Are You?

How good a GTD’er are you?
Or more interestingly, where might you be able to up your GTD game?
Listen to this episode, where Morten and Lars walk you through one of the GTD Practitioner evaluations used in coaching and GTD Level 2 seminars. Reflect on your experience using the five I’s with statements such as:
– Regular Weekly Reviews
– Regularly recalibrate project inventory
– Ability to navigate change
..and much more! This one’s for all you seasoned GTD’ers out there :-)

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