David Allen (GTD) in conversation with Ove Kenneth Nilsen aka Aché

GTD frees up your creative energy

Jumps over a car! GTD frees up your creativity!
See him jump over a car!
In the video below you will meet Ove Kenneth Nilsen aka the artist Aché. In conversation with David Allen he talks about his creative career and life.

See Ove Kenneth jump over a car, acrobat and fight Capoeira as well as see clip from his latest movie and his latest music video!

More info on GTD and Ove Kenneth:

Name: Ove-Kenneth Nilsen
Artist name: Aché
Music video: Good as Gold
Work: Hocus Focus
Twitter: @forenkle
Youtube channel: Achesoul
Film: Heart of Lightness
The worlds largest GTD meetup group: Oslo GTD Gathering

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